spring 2019

Build An Executive Weekend


Every year after the school year has ended, students in high school and college inquire about a slew of different activities to engage in and jobs, internships and a number of different ways to spend their upcoming summer break. We want to help generate opportunities for our communities youth all while bringing awareness to the city. In collaboration  with Build Yourself Up Academy, High school & College  students who are looking for jobs, experience, guidance and/or networking opportunities with some of Atlanta's local professionals will be most beneficial to the pursuit of this 3-Day weekend. These are pertinent reasons that made us decide to curate this event to be a helping hand for our community.

Build An Executive Weekend is a Weekend Long Social Event catered towards giving attendees the opportunity for much career & personal growth. All events for the Weekend are; The Power Social, The Career and Job Expo, The Its Rad To Be A Grad: Chat Panel, and A Seat At The Table: Entrepreneurship Panel.

Interested in participating in the Build An Executive Weekend?


  • Please send over an email with your business information and the point of contact for us to get in touch with.

  • Business information includes your business name, location, telephone number, email address.


  • Make sure to dress business professional. (need help with ensuring your outfit is business professional, we will be able to help you out with that. Just make sure to send over your email.)

  • For the Expo, make sure to have at minimum 10 resumes printed out.

  • Be well groomed.

  • Send over your full name, age and email to us to receive event updates and more detailed information to ensure success.

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A Glance Into The Weekend.