Fall 2019

The Annual Executives Gala


The Executives Gala is an event that was curated for people who want to meet other influential and goal oriented individuals like themselves, all while celebrating the commonality of excellence in the room. The events mission is simple: allowing people to increase their brand/business awareness while gaining new colleagues that will benefit one in someway or another. 

Events like this happen all of the time in the Atlanta area where millennial entrepreneurs are able to meet up and discuss business, however, the difference between them and the Executives Gala is that we force you out of your comfort zone! That's right. We have found strategic ways to help push our attendees away from the norm they're used to and have an opportunity to branch out and touch somebody else's life and vice versa. The annual Gala is nothing short of a night of excellence. We cannot wait to see you there this 2018 year and let your excellence exude to the city,

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