Meet The Team


Keith T. Crawford

Born on a summer day in the city of Atlanta, Georgia in the year where the Olympics met Atlanta in 1996. Keith Crawford at Crawford Long Hospital met the world. Keith is a well rounded young man, with a charismatic personality; who has a passion to help empower the youth. He graduated from The University of West Georgia in May 2017, with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and a certificate in Advertising and a certificate in Sales. Keith has become an entrepreneur, model/host, and event director. 

Keith started his brand at the age of 18, the summer right before his first year in college. He decided to change his Instagram name to The Young Exec. Something that started off as just a profile name that would become something so much greater. He started off his brand with modeling in fashion shows, photo shoots and different clothing brands in the city. With the different brands/businesses he was able to make it a part time job by becoming a brand ambassador for some, one of which being Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Where he was able to talk to different college students who were looking to further their career path in school and after graduating college. He noticed that having a positive brand with substance was something vital for one who aspired to become a business owner and an influential person one day.

Join Keith on the journey of showing the world, that no matter the age, gender, race or location, ANYONE can become an Executive. Will you? 






Tori c. Taylor

Tori Taylor was born in Miami, Florida but has called Georgia her home since the age of 3. Raised in a Christian home she has always learned the importance of being culturally, racially, and socially relative which led her to achieving her Bachelor’s degree from the University of West Georgia in Anthropology: the study of human societies, cultures and their development; more importantly our interaction with each other. Her studies of mankind has shed light on her passion for using her skills to pour back into the community. Tori worked with local 501(c)3’s in the Carrollton area before graduating from West Georgia such as Keep Carroll Beautiful and Circles of West Georgia.

Her continued love for philanthropy led her to lend a helping hand in planning and executing our 2nd Annual Executives Gala. It is in those moments that Tori finds most fulfilling. Since a young age Tori has always vowed to make an impact on the people of her community and the world.

Join Tori on the journey of showing the world that no matter the age, gender, race or location, ANYONE can become an Executive. Will you?